Senator Elect Ben Murray Bruce Says To State Governors In Nigeria Pay Your Workers And Stop Excuses



The chairman of Silverbird Television and Senator elect, Mr Ben Murray Bruce have advised state governments that are still owning their workers months of salaries in arrears, to pay them and stop making unnecessary excuses.

He berated the governors for blaming the Federal government over their inability to pay their workers after they have collected all their Federal Allocations to date.

“If I am unable to pay over 1,000 of my staff in Silverbird, will I blame my father?”, Sen Bruce queried.

Majority of the state governors are owing their workers over 6 months wages. States like Osun, Ogun, Oyo, Imo, Edo are the worst culprit, as they wasted their Federal allocation on the Presidential elections and funding party members in some other elections.

The huge debt profile of some of the state governments makes it difficult for them to be given loan from any Nigerian bank or overseas.
Early this week Kabiru Aregbesola, the son of Osun state Governor was arrested at the Departure Lounge of the Muritala Mohammaed, Lagos with Currencies totaling over N178million ($912,820) , while his father is owing workers about 5 months salaries.

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