Seven Healthy Exercises For Pregnant Women


GOr7Bp9To25BOKHYiVhAfIOSPregnant women who await their little bundle of joy have multiple concerns. Among those is whether or not she should take that extra step to stay fit even, while the whole world’s telling her to rest. According to a report  health experts have continued to emphasise on the importance of fitness and exercise even while a pregnant woman is about to pop out.

According to Shalini Bhargava, Performance-Enhancement Coach at JG’S Fitness Centre in Mumbai “If you were really active before your pregnancy, stay so. If you weren’t, now is a great time to start.”

Most doctors support physical activity during pregnancy.

Dr. Rita Bakshi, Gynecologist & Fertility Expert, International Fertility Centre, New Delhi, adds, “Exercising during pregnancy is important to be healthy and enable an easy delivery. It is the best way to ensure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy.”

For Ms. Shruti Saxena, Childbirth Educator at Mamma Mia Maternity Services, she explains,“It’s beneficial to work out during the entire nine months. Early pregnancy exercise improves the growth of the baby and decreases maternal symptoms, while late pregnancy exercise maintains fitness, limits weight gain and shortens labour. A lesser known benefit of exercise is the release of hormone endorphins – our natural relaxant, helping the mother stay calm and happy.”

So, here are 7 exercises that pregnant women can do without much trouble:   SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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