Seven Things Buhari/Osinbanjo Will Do IF Elected


10968393_570393733096596_5090207201197421575_n1. Create 740,000 (20,000 per state + FCT) jobs within the first one year,

2. After NYSC, graduates will be paid stipends for one year under a vocational scheme where they are trained on entrepreneurial and work readiness,

3. Provide universal basic health care with 500 naira annual contribution per family in the national health insurance scheme (NHIS) while the APC Government wil pay the balance,

4. Provide one meal a day for children in public primary schools,

5. Make monthly direct cash transfer of 5000 naira to twenty five million poorest and most vulnerable citizens, if they agree to immunize their children and enrol them in school,

6. Generate, Transmit and distribute electricity on a 24/7 basis whilst simultaneously ensuring the development of sustainable / renewable energy by 2019,

7.Embark on a National infratural Development programme as a public private partnership that will (a) ensure 5,000KM of super HighWay including services trunks and (b) building of up to 6,800Km of modern railway completed by 2019; (c) build commercial airport in all the 36 states.

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