Seven Things You Must Know About The Newly Appointed PDP Chairman Ali Modu Sheriff


dailymail.ng1. Young years He was born in a rich family in Ngala Town, Ngala Local Government Area, Borno State in 1956. His father was a successful businessman Galadima Modu Sheriff. Ali Modu Sheriff studied in Business School of London, where his main subjects were Insurance, Banking and Finance.

2. Start of political career He became a member of a Social Democratic Party in 1990. In 1997 he joined National Republican Convention. He became a senator representing Borno Central on the platform of the United Nigeria Congress Party. It happened during General Sani Abacha’s military regime. After democracy was restored, in April 1999, he was again elected Senator, Borno Central, on the platform of the All Nigeria Peoples Party. Ali Modu Sheriff was elected governor of Borno State in Nigeria in April 2003. He was the first governor in Borno state to win the seat for two consecutive times.

3. Arrest In 2012 Modu Sheriff, a former senator, was arrested upon entering Cameroon from Chad. He was arrested by neighbouring Cameroon’s security forces, allegedly for his link with Boko Haram. But after some time he was just escorted back to the n=border of the country. His connection with Boko Haram was not proved.

4. Younger brother Alhaji Goni Mustapha Sheriff, a younger brother of the former politician, also had a political career. But in 2011 he was killed. Rumors said that the ones who are responsible for it are the Boko Haram. So Ali Modu Sheriff  often uses this fact to prove that he has nothing in common with this group.


5. Wedding of his elder daughter His eldest daughter was married to Alhaji Babagana Muhammed Sherriff in 2011. One strange moment of the wedding was that it was closed and only men were allowed to attend it. The wedding fatiha was conducted by the Chief Imam of the Yahaya Road Jumat Mosque.


6. Owner of an Airline He is a third ex-governor of Nigeria who owns his own airline. So he became a stakeholder in the Nigeria`s sphere of aviation. He is also an owner of the most expensive private jet in Nigeria, which is worth N11.5 billion.


7. Is he really a sponsor of Boko Haram? This fact can`t be proved or rejected now. Usually he easily denies all allegations against him. When Australian negotiator, Dr. Stephen Davis, accused him of being one of the sponsors of Boko Haram, he insisted that he had never met any leaders of this sect. And that he will sue the Australian negotiator.


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