Significance Of Ash Wednesday (Homily and Scripture Reflections) Wednesday, 18 February 2015 :



Liturgical Colour : Purple or Violet Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today we celebrate the beginning of the holy and solemn season of Lent, the forty days period that begins today and ends on the beginning of the Holy Week, as a season of preparation for the approaching celebrationof the most important aspects of ou r faith, that is the celebration of our Lord’s death and resurrection from the dead. Brothers and sisters in Christ, today wemark the beginning of that penitential season, a time for us to reflect on ourselves and on our own lives, in terms of what we had done in this life and in what we have failed to do as the Lord commanded us. This is a time for us to seek God’s forgiveness and mercy, taking advantage of the rich mercy and love which He had shown us through our Lord, Jesus Christ. 10013327_818882631482942_1647515024834164920_n

In today’s readings, first taken from the Book of the prophet Joel, the content is one of humble lamentation and begging for supplication, by the people of God who had longed for a long period of time, the salvation in God. They have longed for the rescue and the help which only our Lord could give, the true joy and happiness which only He can give us and nothing else of this world could.


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