Signs & Symptoms of Ebola By Nasidi: NCDC Director


onyebuchi-chukwu2Signs & Symptoms of Ebola By Nasidi: NCDC Director, Ebola disease continues to prevail in the country, Project Director, Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, Professor Abdulsalami Nasidi, has emphasised the need for all Nigerians to know the signs and symptoms of Ebola disease

He warned that all sick individuals with severe fever and muscle pain, weakness, vomiting and diarrhoea could turn out as Ebola patients until proved otherwise.

Professor Nasidi, in a telephone interview, stated that for now, there was no evidence that any Nigerian has acquired Ebola disease, declaring that “if at all, any of the contacts with the Liberian man that died from Ebola comes down with any of the symptoms suggestive of the disease, Nigerians will be notified.”

The medical expert, who emphasised that the disease is contracted through contact with a person infected with Ebola virus, declared, “there was an imported case of Ebola into Nigeria, but we are yet to confirm if any Nigerian had gotten infected from this. We are following the usual protocol. We are monitoring the people that had contact with him. Only those who are sick can be checked.”

Professor Nasidi, who remarked that some hand sanitizers might be protective against the virus, however, urged prompt reporting to the hospital when individuals develop symptoms such as severe fever and muscle pain, weakness, vomiting and diarrhoea.

“Individuals must know the symptoms of the disease and at the same time not waste time in seeking medical help in case they have such symptoms or their neighbours develop these kinds of symptoms. Where a case of Ebola disease is picked early, only one in four of such person ends up dying. But if it is picked late, about three out of four will die.” SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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