Sina Rambo Attends His Girlfriend Nene Ibru’s Graduation Ceremony


Sina-Rambo-and-Nenesi-Ibru-at-the-latters-graduation-ceremony-at-Savannah-College-of-Arts-and-Design-Atlanta-US.-Photo-Instagram-600x600An HKN Gang member Sina Rambo is super excited that his girlfriend Nenesi Ibru, daughter of Oskar Ibru has bagged a Master’s Degree. Nenesi graduated from Savannah College of Arts and Design,Atlanta, Georgia where she studied Luxury & Fashion Management. ‘Words can’t explain how proud I am of you!!! A master!!!! Congrats baby!!! Masters in luxury fashion and management!!! love u’, Sina Rambno wrote on his Instagram page, posting a photo his girl at her graduation ceremony. They later took a photo together Nenesi is the co-owner of Olivia’s Trunk consignment boutique in Lagos. On Valentine’s Day, back in February Sina wrote to Nene: ‘Happy valentine’s day baby! @nenesibru love u so much’. She replied ‘Love you too baby’, with enough kiss emojis to last him the year.

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