Singer Dona Diva Narrates How she lost her virginity in this Interview


1-1Dona Diva Narrates How she lost her virginity in this Interview, Fast rising singer, Dona Diva, never planned being a singer. When she left her native Delta State a couple of years ago, her dreams had been to pursue a career in Nollywood. However, she ended up a singer and aside performing live at the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, she also has two singles on air.

In this chat with The Entertainer, she talks about how her passion for music made her run away from home at 18, the day a white man sexually harassed her and what it felt like being deflowered among other interesting issues.


Who is Dona Diva?

My real name is Dona Adjah and my stage name is Dona Diva. I’m from the Urhobo speaking part of Delta State. I am into music and fashion.

Tell us about your romance with music?

I started music from church like everyone else but when I came to Lagos, the idea was to act. But for some reasons I had to fall back to my music. Ever since I have been doing studio recordings, back-up singing and I also do live band music. It was getting so interesting and people started encouraging me to start my own thing so the whole world could see me and appreciate me. That’s why I came out with a single.

For how long have you been doing back-up and live band?

About six years.

Who are the artistes you have backed-up?

I have done back-up for a number of artistes but Duncan Mighty remains the biggest. Talking about live band, I have performed for ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo and President Goodluck Jonathan. I have also travelled out of the country to do a lot of shows.

How would you describe your experience as a singer?

It’s a bitter-sweet experience but I have chosen the sweet part of it. In everything you do, there are bound to be ups and downs. I combine fashion and music together and it’s quite exciting because I appear on stage with my own hand made costumes and people are like, ‘nice dress’ even before I start performing. It’s not really been easy but I’m having fun.a

As an up-and-coming act, how do you cope financially. And do your fans appreciate you?

I am into other businesses including fashion and real estate so I don’t depend on music alone to cater for my needs. Regarding my fans appreciating me, they package whatever they want to give me into an envelope. Sometimes, some people spray me but I tell them, ‘no, we don’t do that.’

How do you now combine music, fashion and real estate?

It’s not easy but man must wack. I make very meticulous plans which I follow religiously. It’s all about time management. If you travel abroad, you see people doing three or four jobs just to get good cash. Maybe, I am doing all these because I don’t want to lack on any side.

What’s your childhood like?

My growing up was a normal one. I am from an average home. I have a strict but supportive father and my family is in support of what I do. As a child, I was always by myself but I like facing challenges and coming out with results; my family is proud of me because of that.


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