Singer Ice Prince Zamani Says He Cannot stay without Sex For Two days

24488d33Ice Prince Zamani can not stay a week without getting laid. In a chat at the Chocolate City headquaters in Lagos on Wednesday
 The rapper was asked how long he has ever gone without s*ex.
After thinking for about 5 seconds, Ice Prince reponded, “ask my assistance… he knows everything about me.”
When his assistant, named I.B.B, finally found the words amid laughing so hard, he responded, “four times per week”
Which means, Ice Prince goes only THREE days in a week without s*ex! “If I am starving then it should be for 2 – 3 days,” the rapper finally admitted to us.
For someone so talented and hardworking, it was a little difficult to agree with him. He once told Pulse TV, “I work really hard… I spend most night hours in the studio making music while I try to sleep during the day.”
So if Ice is awake in the music studio all night long and has s*ex four times a week, does this mean he has s*ex in his work place – The Studio?
Guys Can you have s*ex in your office?

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