Singer Justin Bieber & One Direction Named Forbes Richest Celebs Under 30


American Youngstar & Singer Justin Bieber, One Direction Named Forbes Richest Celebs Under 30, Justin Bieber earned a whooping $80million between June 2013 and June 2014, making him the highest earning celeb under 30, according to a new list released by Forbes,. Even with his impressive earnings, Justin has endured a turbulent year, which included several incidences with the law. In November, he paid $80,900 restitution for repair damages to his former neighbor after egging their home. Following the vandalism conviction, he was charged with a misdemeanor, 12-week anger management program as well as a court hearing in February. If that wasn’t enough, a couple weeks later the Never Say Never hitmaker landed himself in trouble with authorities for illegally bringing his pet primate Mally into the country without the necessary paperwork or vaccinations.He was forced to pay a $10,700 bill for abandoning the monkey in Germany and was asked to cover it’s cost of living at a shelter for 17 months, as well as his import. Earlier in the year, he made a $50,000 donation to a youth charity as a part of a plea deal after being charged with driving under the influence in Miami.
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