Video: Singer Lagbaja Blasts Doyin Okupe: Says We Have a “Deceitful & Visionless Government”


Lagbaja-and-Okupe-600x217Renowned Nigerian musician, Lagbaja, unhappy about some comments Doyin Okupe made about the Nigerian economy’s inability to support the purchase of brand new trains. During an interview with Sahara TV, Okupe stated on why despite being the largest economy in Nigeria, the country can’t afford to have new trains. “Forget it. We are not America. You cannot have brand new trains because the economy cannot support that,” he said

Here’s the video of the interview in case you missed it:

Lagbaja took to his Facebook page to express his displeasure at Okupe’s statements:

Deceitful and Visionless Government

Did you hear the latest from Doyin Okupe?
Did he really insist that our economy cannot support new trains?
At last …it should be clear to doubting Thomases
That this government has been lying about its achievements
Now, finally, they have unwittingly admitted that their great railway
Is a fraud based on outdated and archaic equipment

His declaration is also clear proof that this government
Has no business remaining in power
They are incurably deceitful… and
They have no idea how to make great things happen
Soon they will lecture us about how Nigeria is too backward
For steady electric power

They do not know how to run a Nation in today’s world
Please… just leave and make space for those who know

Many may be too young to remember that
Senate President David Mark also once insisted
That mobile phones are not meant for everyone
But only for a privileged few

Should we continue to be retrogressed by their lack of vision?

But why does this government lie so blatantly?
It is simply because they believe that YOU are a fool!
They believe that YOU are unenlightened and unexposed
That YOU are unintelligent, daft and do not know any better

It is time to take control of YOUR own life
True we are not America.. but
Algeria has high speed rail
South Africa has high speed rail
Libya is building
Why not Nigeria… the biggest economy in Africa?
Or is “the biggest economy” another lie?
Mumu enough!

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