Singer Rihanna Urges Fans To Watch Her New Animated Film, “Home”


Rihanna is one of the world’s most famous pop stars but looks as if she is gunning to become an even better actress in Hollywood after she shared her special tips on how to do good when it comes to animated films. The singer and actress shared her acting vocal talents for the first time in the upcoming DreamWorks animated film “Home,” and parts of the experience just “wrecked” her.

In the film, the “Diamonds” singer plays Tip, the only human seemingly left on Earth after an alien race called the Boov takes over. She meets Oh (Jim Parsons), who has been cast out of the Boov gen pop, and the two embark on an adventure to find their rightful home.

Talking with reporters at a sneak peek of the film, Rihanna explained, “the story just spoke” to her when she read it. “I felt like I identified with Tip. She’s essentially like a role model and for me it was very strange to read a character that you can look up to. I was very excited. I’ve never done an animated film. You learn so much when the camera’s not there.”

She added, “There’s one specific point in the movie that really wrecks me. I feel like it’s going to kill everyone. When I was watching it for the first time, it was just stick figures, no animation yet. I was balling my eyes out, and was like, ‘Oh my God I’m so embarrassed right now! I’m crying at literally stick figures!’”   SEE VIDEO ON PAGE 2

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