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Singer Tiwa Savage Shares Picture Of Herself And Baby

12651200_1247078011986105_4364381792200708539_n Singer Tiwa Savage Shares Picture Of Herself And Baby, She says: Good Morning yummy mummies as most people are starting their day, we’ve probably been up for a few hours now as babies know how to interrupt our beauty sleep but that’s ok because we love them more than anything. Anyhow Jamil is 6 months now and this morning I thought I heard him trying to say DaDa, Ahhhhh 😮🙉 I just quickly started saying MaMa MaMa MaMa before my husband heard, I mean I carried you for how many months, you come resemble your papa, now you wan come say daddy name first. Rara o, I go do ojoro LOL 😀😀😀😊😜 but all jokes apart every new stage with your baby is so amazing, from first smile to first words to first steps. What was your babies first words‪#‎Momsknowbest‬ ‪#‎JamilLovesPampers‬ ‪#‎HisSoftHairLikeHisGrandPa‬‪#‎AndHisDadTooActually‬

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