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Single twins “Sarah and Becca Duncan” takes ‘wedding’ photoshoot with their dad who Might not live to witness their wedding  

Two twins from Texas, USA, decided to stage a shoot with their loving dad, who has Alzheimer’s , so he could treasure the sight of them in their wedding dresses . even though neither of them are engaged.
Sarah and Becca Duncan  had  their photographs taken with their 80-year-old father Scott, who was  moved to a 24-hour nursing facility due to his deteriorating health, but was reunited with the pair for the staged occasion.

Becca told ABC News ..

 Me and Sarah know that our dad is more than likely not going to be at our wedding,””It’s not being a downer or anything; we’re just being realistic – so we decided to do these wedding pictures with Dad.”
“The entire experience was the best thing in the world. Seeing him coming down the hall and seeing us in our wedding dresses and him smiling. It meant so much to us.”

Sarah added:

“You could see the smile on his face.”

The twins’ mum Pamela had helped to do their make-up and contacted a photographer, who donated the photos to the family.

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