#BigBrotherAfrica #BBA2014 #BBAHotshots: Sipe Express Unhappiness With Late Night Gossipers




bba9_profile_extra_sipe#BigBrotherAfrica #BBA2014 #BBAHotshots: Sipe Express Unhappiness With Late Night Gossipers. Sipe just updated Goitse in fits  that yesterday night, she couldn’t really sleep and ended up hearing some people discussing her. She does not understand how some people can stay up so late just to discuss her and some others. Wonders maybe she is trending in their minds. She says that she was so upset but decided to ignore and let go. Says the people where people she had attributed with intelligence only to find out that they were childish and stupid.

Goitse chipped in that when she was talking with Tayo earlier, he enquired from her why she rejected his guy Idris and she wondered why people were so interested in her actions but decided she was not going to update anyone. Sipe agreed that she did not need to. SEE MORE ONPAGE 2


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