Some Of The Best VPN (Virtual Proxy Networks) Services In The World

    This service is the best of all the mentioned, Their dedicated IP service is totally cool. It’s pricey but it gives you more bang for your buck. When you are connected to their dedicated service, no-one else uses the same IP address you are given. They have VPN profiles that will help you set up VPN on your computer really fast. Sadly these only work on Windows. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>

    Vpnplant in fact supports all Operating systems. You can connect with anything, even mobiles. You can downoad and run the VPN profiles on a windows computer and copy out the ip address while its about to connect or you can ask them nicely to give you the IP address of the VPN server you want to connect to. VERY good customer support too.
    This service is all about anonymity. They have got a proxy service (http and socks), they have got VPN also with many servers. They support connecting from any OS and device. There is a page where you can copy out the IP address of both their VPN servers and their proxy servers. They have quite a large number of users though, so when the server you are connected to gets slow, switch servers, they have got quite a lot.
    Just like vpnplant, they accept Liberty Reserve, Western Union, Paypal and other modes of payment. You can connect with PPTP or L2TP (again just like vpnplant). I prefer vpnplant because of its dedicated ip service. I dont know if the IP addresses vpngates leases are dedicated.
    OK, with this service, its their software or nothing. They currently only support windows. They have a vpn client in the works for android though. IF you use windows, its really great! Many servers and price is also reasonable
    Easy Hide Ip
    Ok good service but they use TOR in the background. So its not really a VPN service. But I have used it and I have a friend that still uses it. I dont know why anyone should pay to use something thats already free. Tor is free, Tor Browser Bundle. Changing Ip addresses in Tor is easy but changing to the Ip address of a country of your own choosing, requires you to mess with Tor’s configuration file a bit. Doing it with Easy-hide-Ip’s software is just a point and click affair. For some people, this is reason enough to pay. One more thing though, they never mention they use tor on their site. When you get connected on their service visit this page in your browser

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