Some Quotes on General Muhammadu Buhari By Zibite Kurwizi Welye


General Muhammadu Buhari of NigeriaSome Quotes on General Muhammadu Buhari By Zibite Kurwizi Welye
“The army after toppling our democratic regime have no option but to install Buhari as head of state so as to avoid credibility problem especially in the sight of international community because of his being an epitome of integrity.“ –
“There are only 2 honest & reliable Nigerians. Myself & Buhari. All what PDP is saying of Buhari being fundamentalist is mere hot lies. They just fear let‘s go to jail “
General Muhammadu Buhari as a member of the Supreme Military Council and as Head of NNPC was by nature taciturn and introvert. But he took any work that was given to him very seriously. He is reliable as he is hardworking and honest, his path of moral probity and rectitude” Incorruptible
– PresidentOlusegun Obasanjo, in his book, “Not My Will”.
“Buhari was a big brother & a father to some extent that mean nothing in life & to the nation always other than good. So, I fear no harm from him.“
“Buhari was honest & sincere in all his conduct that perhaps, only very few Nigerians could match in integrity.“
“Gen. Muhammadu Buhari was a true patriot, respected former head of state & elder statesman & a nationalist.“
“I have realise our collective mistake in over-throwing you. I have seen the terrible damage which our inaction caused to the Nigerian psyche. I am most sorry. Please, come & do what is best known of you. Patriotic service to the nation.“buhari-sponsor

–LATE ABACHA (PTF inaugural speech).
“If Buhari quit PTF job as he promise & as we knew him to mean his words all along, I support the idea of scrapping PTF as no one else can do the job as him.“ –IBB
I respect Buhari. He was my Boss .He was an honourable man.
And I can say this anywhere”.  PROCEED TO SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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