Sonia Morales narrates How she met & fell in love with Actor IK Ogbonna




Nollywood actor,IK Obonna’s Colombian girlfriend, Sonia Morales has opened up on how they met and why she accepted his proposal..The 26 year old who is pregnant told Encomium How did you meet IK Ogbonna and what was the major attraction?

We have one mutual amazing friend, a girl called Oma. She was just too sure that me and IK would make one perfect match. She introduced him to my Instagram page, then he did the rest of the work. He asked for my BBM pin, next thing he got me on my phone 24/7. If somebody had told me, I would not have believed. I guess life is full of surprises. Sometimes all we got to do is to follow our intuition. I got to discover a male version of me! It feels too right.

Why did you accept his proposal?

I am a very spiritual person. I just know when something is right for me. I never doubted him, not for a second. He makes me happy, he makes me better.

What do you and IK share in common?

We are too much alike. If we were from the same country, I would never doubt that he might be mylong lost twin brother. He knows how I breathe! First time I met a human being that is capable of reading my mind. We share same vision and points of view when it comes to life, love, success and family. He is my pal of life.

What was your parents’ reaction about you dating him

They all adore him cause of his amazing personality, big heart and the fact that he treats me like a real man should. Every normal parents are happy with their children’s happiness.


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