South Africa Xenophobic Updates: Zulu King Denies Triggering Attacks, Appeals for calm



Reports shows that the Zulu king had been pressurized into calling a stop to the attacks on African Immigrants in South Africa. Today Monday ,April 20th,King Goodwill Zwelithini finally called for calm and a stop to the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Speaking to thousands who gathered at in stadium in Durban,he said his comments were distorted by the media.The King who was credited with triggering the violence denied whipping up xenophobic hatred said “This violence directed at our brothers and sister is shameful,I’m certain that the people who were listening to my speech (last month), understand Zulu well and did not need interpretation.”In King Zwelithini’s speech, he said it was not fair to blame the violence on one individual, pointing out that there had been several previous outbreaks of xenophobic violence in South Africa. He added that the South African Human Rights Commission should investigate the hate speech charges against him without hindrance.

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