South African TV presenter ”Bonang Matheba” bought herself A Mercedes CLA 45 AMG as a pampering gift for Valentine’s day


B9jRobyIUAEiELDThe single ladies curse is one that is not unbeknown to the victims of it. No single lady denies the pain of having such status neither do they look forward to that dreaded love day- Valentine’s Day. Even Beyonce tried to make it cool by singing an anthem for all single ladies but a random joke was passed saying, “Beyonce would call out single ladies and end up in her husband’s house later”. No matter how much you try to smile through it all or read all the articles consoling your status, fact still remains that come February 14, you’re still single. So what do you do?

Like Bonang Matheba, you can do something- Yes, gift yourself on the day of Love. The South African TV presenter bought herself a white Mercedes CLA 45 AMG as a pampering gift for Valentine’s day. She posted this via her Instagram page saying, “‘….bought myself a Valentine’s Day gift. Single girl problems’” Now we are not saying you should go overboard and clear your accounts like Bonang did, but the message is to love yourself as much as you’d want someone to love you the same way. So you don’t have a Valentine bae, get yourself gifts and shower yourself with love. No one can do it better than you would to yourself. You have to love yourself first before you let someone love you.

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