South Africans Stand with TB Joshua On SYNAGOGUE TRAGEDY

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South Africans Stand with TB Joshua On SYNAGOGUE TRAGEDY, Messages of support, especially from South Africa, have flooded in for Prophet T.B. Joshua in the wake of the tragic building collapse that devastated his church last week.A condolence message from Joshua to South Africa and other nations affected in the tragedy received an overwhelming response when posted on his official Facebook Page.

“Because of Christ’s death and resurrection, death to believers is not a period – it is only a comma”, the cleric stated in the message of condolence, describing death as a ‘release from the imprisonment of this world and departure to the enjoyment of another’.

“May these moments prompt us to live each day as if it were our last for when we are prepared to die, we are prepared to live,” he soberly added, commiserating with the families of the victims.

Despite the tragic circumstances, South Africans were vocal in their support for the prophet, insisting that the incident would not deter their pilgrimage to Synagogue church.“Prophet T.B. Joshua, never ever doubt our love for you in South Africa,” Nobhule Sendra Masina commented. “We are still going to come and visit SCOAN and not even death can separate us from the love of Christ.Zadiva Divine added that the tragedy only fuelled her desire ‘to seek God more than before.’ “We have lost families and friends but we will never stop coming to SCOAN,” she wrote. “If I didn’t come to Nigeria in 2012, I would be dead by now.”

Meshack Ramalepe prayed that God would strengthen The SCOAN in this challenging period. “We, the people of South Africa, love you and thank you for allowing us to be part of your family,” he posted.

“I still say it’s better to die seeking God in church than committing sin in taverns and clubs,” Mabontle Letswalo mused, a sentiment equally shared by many.

Skubi Mcha said that while grieving with those involved, “I have no doubt that the tragedy does not change your authenticity as a man of God. God is still God – storm or sunshine. He can never forsake you now.”

Many comments reflected the belief of people that the victims, whom T.B. Joshua described as ‘martyrs’ were in Heaven. “Together forever as Christians in RSA with the families of our brothers and sisters who are now in Heaven,” Noah Zulu wrote. “Together forever with you man of God!”

“God brought us to this bridge and He will help us cross the bridge,” Michelle van der Westhuizen added, referring to the slogan T.B. Joshua had attached to 2014 as ‘The Year Of Crossing The Bridge’.

“I lost my friend but my faith will not waver,” Bridget Chiguvare commented. “I know I will see her in Heaven. Nothing shall separate me from the love of Christ and my love for SCOAN because I was near death and God used you to save my life.”

“I am one of the South African doctors who have had the privilege to spend a considerable time at The Synagogue in the past,” Dr Thembeni Zwani said. “The world may take your cloak of many colours but it cannot take the grace of God from you,” she said in a word of encouragement to Joshua.

Zizipho Mdletye counseled against division within the body of Christ. “We in South Africa and as Christians will not allow times like these to cause divisions among us as Christians. Our love, tolerance and prayers for each other should increase during times like these. We love Nigeria and SCOAN.”

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan visited the site of the disaster today, meeting with T.B. Joshua privately before proceeding onto a PDP rally. “I spoke to the President of South Africa on Thursday to express my personal condolences and that of the Federal Government,” he told the media.

Ihechukwu Njoku – freelance Nigerian journalist
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