Stallion Motors newly unveils Another Made In Nigeria Hyundai Grand i10 Car Vehicle



Stallion Motors newly unveils Another  Made In Nigeria Hyundai Grand i10 vehicle to the market; it is the Hyundai Grand i10, a car built for the family. The Hyundai Grand i10, according to Stallion, is an elegantly designed family sedan that comes in two variants with five-speed manual and four-speed automatic transmission powered by 1.25 Kappa Dual VTVT engine, respectively. The vehicle is built for people looking for exceptionally low weight cars that maximize fuel consumption.“And that was Hyundai Motors’ conviction when it went to the drawing board to design this exceptionally cultured family sedan that will soon become the toast of most automobile freaks in the country.”Performance. A feature–packed Hyundai Grand responds to every expectation with alluring cabin colour, textures and shape that lend it a sport appeal that could easily make any large car envious.

Stallion said the Hyundai Grand had been crafted to meet high degree of needs.

“The Grand is a whole new level of art + innovation which ordinarily gives the car an unimaginable feel,” it said in a statement.

Nadkarni acknowledged these values as he showed some of the features that distinguished the sedan.

He said, “the world is changing every day, so we decided to also change the way people communicate with each other by introducing the Hyundai Grand – a car that lets you share a new language with the world.”  SEE CAR FEATURES ON PAGE 2

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