Steps in prevention of Ebola infection include;



Steps in prevention of Ebola infection include;

1. Regular hand wash under running water using regular soap. In areas where water may be scarce, using ash to clean the hands is adviced. In between washes, use of hand sanitizers or any alcohol-based preparation is recommended.
2. Avoiding contact with body fluids from seriously ill patients or any persons suspected/confirmed to have the Ebola virus disease.
3. Staying well away from the corpses of persons suspected or confirmed to have died from the Ebola virus disease.
4. Avoiding contact with wild monkeys, bats or other bush animals. In several instances, an outright ban has been placed on the hunting for such animals to help contain an Ebola epidermic.
5. Properly cooking meat products from wild animals before consumption.
6. Properly covering up all breaks or injuries on the skin to avoid providing easy access following contact with body fluids of suspected infected persons.
7. Encouraging safe sex practices.
8. Educating all persons around you on the manifestations of Ebola virus disease and how to prevent infection as well.
9. Encouraging all persons with sudden onset fever or other early symptoms to go to the hospital for proper evaluation and possible acreening.

Together we can all #StopEbola if we #StayCalm and follow all the outlined precautions.ebola

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