Summary Of 63 days of Big Brother Hotshots 2014


HotshotsAnnouncement_LG63 days of Big Brother Hotshots descended upon us with 26 hopefuls showcasing their talents on the live stage before being thrust into Biggie’s strange world. Laveda and her sexy sax won her the the first Head of House and with that a guaranteed extra week in the house. Each week it became more and more obvious to the housemates that winning Head of House gave them immunity and power.

In a weird game of balance, the first two weeks had female HoHs however, they may have held the power in the house, but the first six housemates to be evicted from the show were all female with Resa, Mira, Esther, Lilian, Sabina and Laveda all being given their marching orders before Alusa became the first male hotshot to be evicted from Biggie’s house.  Alusa’s eviction finally broke the unlucky female streak and the numbers were soon balanced again as Arthur, Luis, Frankie and Permithias were next to leave the house. Samantha and Mr.265 were evicted the week before the ex-housemates were brought into the house in this (and any previous) season’s biggest twist which turned the game completely on it’s head, injecting some much needed energy into the visibly wilting hotshots. There were no evictions that week which surprised the already surprised housemates as they had only just heard that Biggie had pulled an elaborate prank on all of them.

They were all in for another shock, though as the following week they were all put up for nomination, which made winning HoH for Macky2 all the more important, a feat he achieved to his evident relief. Four housemates, namely Sheillah (to the obvious dismay of her “joined at the hip” lover and partner Nhlanhla), frightened Goitse, beauty queen and broken-hearted Ellah and the popular prankster Trezagah, whose movement during the previous week’s freeze task cost him a place in the final eight. 10325162_775245822547996_7465629467540033225_n

The theme of this season was Hotshots and Biggie didn’t dissapoint as this was a house filled with talented individuals and Biggie’s weekly tasks were levelled at showcasing the talents of these remarkable people to their fullest degree. The housemates adopted a “learn as much as you can” policy as they took every oportunity to add to their already formidable array of talents. Sheillah discovered that she was a great actress, whereas sleepy Butterphly discovered what a great lapdancer she had become as she gradually lost her inhibitions during her 48-hour punishment for involuntarily moving during the freeze task.

The musicality of Kacey Moore, Macky2, Trezagah, Ellah, Idris and Alusa all were perfectly complimented by this seasons big find, Permithias, whose golden voice and mesmeric guitar enchanted a continent. The song “Mira Mira” by Permithias and Luis looks set to be the first hit that will come out of the house. 

Biggie stretched the talents of the housemates with ever increasingly difficult tasks and extravaganzas. Everything from circus performance to silent movies was covered as well as comedy, modern dance, stomp, colours of Africa, fashion and sculpture. Did we forget to mention twerking?   PROCEED TO SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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