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Superstar Producer, Timbaland Leaves Hit TV Series EMPIRE .

tim Timbaland is leaving his role as musical director for the hit series Empire.. A statement released from Columbia Records executive Shawn Holiday stated: ‘We were happy to work with Timbaland during the first two seasons. But we wanted to take a different approach for season 3.

We dealt a lot with family drama in the first season through songs like ‘Good Enough’ when Lucious Lyon threw his son Jamal in the trash can. That was a very emotional music moment. .
So we’re going for the same success with upcoming songs like ‘Mama,’ about Cookie being the backbone of the family, and a duet with Mariah Carey and Jussie Smollett.’ According to reports ,Timbaland is being replaced next season by Rodney Jenkins and songwriter Ester Dean, NE-YO and J.R. Rotem

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