Swift Unlimited Internet Modem/Access Hub Price & Internet Plan Prices


swift-hotspot-solutionsaSwift Networks is one name synonymous with high-speed broadband internet in Nigeria. It is perhaps one of the most popular internet service providers in Lagos. Swift networks is very popular among the business crowd that require reliable and fast broadband internet, but is quickly making it into homes. In this post, you will be seeing the different data plans offered by Swift Networks in its coverage areas and the prices. Swift Networks’ broadband internet is based on 4G WIMAX and is available in 1Mbps, 2Mbps, and 3Mbps.


Swift Internet Plan Prices

  • Swift Liberty Internet Data Plan (7 days, 150MB, 2Mbps) – N500
  • Swift Liberty Plus Internet Plan (30 days, 750MB, 2Mbps) – N2000
  • Swift Basic Mini Plan (30 days, 2GB, 2Mbps) – N4,000
  • Swift Lite Internet Data Plan (6pm – 8am, 5GB, 2Mbps) – N3,500
  • Swift Home Plan (6pm – 8am plus weekends & holidays, 10B, 2Mbps) – N6,000
  • Swift Home Plus Plan (same as Home Plan, 17GB, 2Mbps) – N8,000
  • Swift Basic Internet Plan (30 days, 10GB, 2Mbps) – N10,000
  • Swift Professional Internet Plan (30 days, 15GB, 2Mbps) – N15,000
  • Swift Premium Internet Data Plan (30 days, 50GB, 2Mbps) – N52,000
  • Swift Business Internet Plan (30 days, 80MB, 2Mbps) – N75,000
  • Swift Max Internet Plan (30 days, 150GB, 2Mbps) – N130,000
  • Swift Office Internet Plan (7am – 7pm, unlimited, 2Mbps) – N12,000
  • Swift Value Internet Data Plan (30 days, 30GB, 2Mbps) – N25,000
  • Swift Business & Family Plan (6pm – 8am plus weekends, 23GB, 2Mbps) – N500images

Swift Internet Modem/Access Hub Price

To access internet on the Swift Networks, you will need some hardware like in any other network. According to the information on the Swift Networks website, you have a choice of two devices: an internet modem and a communications hub.

Swift networks internet modem has a price of N6,500, while the communications hub goes for N9,500.

You can visit Swift Networks website at www.swiftng.com for details.

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