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Talk show host Aisha Tyler breaks down over divorce  

Last week talk show host and voice over actress Aisha Tyler’s husband of over 20 years filed for divorce. Speaking about it yesterday on the her show, Aisha broke down in tears as she confirmed her marriage was over. She said;

“My husband and I are separating… that’s a very painful thing to go through and it’s also a really painful thing to go through in public… I’m sure you can imagine it’s pretty frustrating to have people talking about your private life who don’t know anything about it and speculating and you know saying lots of crazy stuff but I wanted to say this… my husband and I met when I was a teenager and I’ve been with him for more than half of my adult life… it’s very hard when you love someone very much to also start to realize that maybe you want different things for your lives…”

“I don’t, not in any way see this relationship as a failure… We loved each other passionately and we lived life fully and we’re trying to let each other go in the kindest way we possibly can… that’s what I’m going to say about the relationship and the rest of it is none of your damn business!”

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