TechTalk With Confidence Tawo: The New Facebook Feature & My Money




Recently Facebook made us download and install their Messenger app for chatting? Apparently, the social networking giant had plans, but I never expected that a mobile payment integration was underway, until few days ago when Facebook announced its new feature.

When implemented, Facebook users will be able to send money to their friends through the Messenger app without any processing fee “for now”. Uncle Mark says he will only consider generating revenue from this feature when the user base for Messenger reaches 1 billion.

Facebook messenger as my virtual wallet?
Geek talk: If you want to send and receive money via Facebook, it will be as simple as adding your debit card information to your Messenger’s settings section and creating a personal ID number. So to send a payment, you’d simply start up a conversation with your friend, select the applicable currency sign (e.g $) which will appear in the row above the keyboard, and tap “Pay.”

Translation: Open Facebook Messenger, go to settings, put all your debit card details. Start chatting with your friend and being ‘Father Christmas’. Khalas! Finito! E don finish!

When shall these things be?
If you are a BlackBerry faithful like me, this is one of those times to carry a long face because this feature will be available first to iOS and Andriod users, until God ministers to Uncle Mark Zuckerberg to add us to the book of life.

Facebook users in the USA will be the first to enjoy this feature and hopefully we Nigerians will join soon. Amen!

Facebook, what is your mission?
Wait! What is Facebook trying to become? My bank? Are they not content with making me share pictures and details about my life? Now they want me to be ‘she-aring’ money?”

Yes, I asked and here is the answer: Facebook is trying to get you to spend more time interacting on the social network and introducing e-commerce features is a core tactic. So, my fellow nerds at Facebook believe creating a payment option is a very attractive and unique value proposition. Are they right?



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