Ten (10) Things Ladies Hate While On A Date




How to be a gentleman on your date.

Chinenye Ugonna

Everyone has that one thing they hate when they are out on a date. Every girl wants to be the centre of attention, loves to look nice, classy and beautiful. Girls love to dress to impress and any girl who says she doesn’t like to be a head turner is not being totally honest. Now, let’s go down the list of things ladies hate when out on a date.

1.       You have this date you would rather die than miss. To prepare for the date, you buy this really expensive Zara dress that suits you perfectly well. You get to the venue for your date and right beside you is another girl putting on the same exact dress you have on.

2.       You are out on a date and your companion just happens to have a wandering eye. The waitress comes to take your order and he’s checking her out; a beautiful girl walks beside you table and he can’t just help but stare. Guys, no girl wants this so take note. Keep your eyes on your date alone or on your food if that’s too difficult!

3.       Going on a date with a stingy man is the worst. Imagine as a student, you meet this really cute guy who asks you out.

Take note: he was the one who asked for this date. He even chooses an expensive restaurant. You agree and are all excited about this date. On your way to meet your date, you use the ATM to withdraw what girls call “vex money” and head off. You go on your date and order as much as you can finish and have a nice time. When it’s time for the payment, he drops money only for his own part of the bill. Imagine if you did not take extra money with you, which would have been too embarrassing. Ladies, “vex money” is important.

4.       Your date has bad eating habits: talking while eating, burping without excusing himself and making loud noises while chewing.  You go on a date and he has a mouthful of food and boom! That’s when he decides it’s the best time to prove his point. Ladies hate this. It’s outright disgusting.

5.       Your date talks too much. This is bad news. No one wants a date who talks more than the woman. As I said earlier, a girl loves to be the centre of attention but in this case, not the dressing. A girl loves a man who listens. Most people who talk a lot don’t make so much sense.

6.       Your date who does not know his limit with alcohol. You go on a date and the guy keeps the alcohol coming. That is not a good look. Sometimes alcohol unleashes the part of you that you want hidden; so, too much alcohol on a date is not the best idea. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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