The Best Tokunbo Car To Buy in Nigeria

The best of all possible worlds for car enthusiasts is to buy new cars. In Nigeria, however, a brand-new car with all of the options is not always possible. The best selling cars move quickly off the lot and car dealers will admit that people are willing to settle for fairly used cars should a new model not be available. There is some skepticism about the quality of a number of the tokunbo cars; a worry that there may be some damage that has been hidden by the former owner. These cars do have a market in Nigeria. A survey was done recently to determine which tokunbo car did the best business and had the most sales in 2012. The findings awarded that distinction to the 2000 Toyota Camry. That’s pretty amazing to consider. The model is 12 years old and that is almost ancient history in the automobile industry. It puts the car very close to being an antique classic and yet it sold extremely well last year. What does the 2000 Toyota Camry have that makes it so appealing to, quite frankly, new generation of car buyers? See More After Cut>>>>>>>>>

The question was posed to people surveyed and one of the most commonly given answer was fuel consumption. The 2000 Toyota Camry has extremely good gas mileage. The Kelly Blue Book notes that this car gets 19 – 23 miles per gallon in the city and 27 – 32 miles per gallon on the highway. That’s more than sufficient to help a weary traveler navigate the roads around Lagos and other areas of the country. Price was the next point of high quality. This car has a fairly reasonable price range and can be afforded by most Nigerians without any problem. There are some other reasons why this model can be extremely appealing to any consumer. an online automobile site, candidly states that while all cars lose value is they age Camry loses less than most. It is the closest thing to a blue-chip investment and family car could have. The safety of this car is extremely good and received a five-star rating in NHTSA crash test ratings in the event of a collision on the passenger side and a four-star rating for the driver side. What is truly amazing is that if a comparison is made on between a 2000 Toyota Camry and a 2013 Toyota Camry the overall consumer rating for the former is greater than the rating given to a newer car, even though the 2013 Toyota Camry has better gas mileage.

Overall consumer satisfaction is obviously a major reason why the 2000 Toyota Camry is still generating very favorable sales figures. Nigerians don’t give praise easily except quite a bit out of anything that they purchase. This particular car model apparently is getting an extremely favorable impression from the Nigerian auto buyers. The combination of affordable price, great gas mileage, and good safety features tossed in all solid reasons why the 2000 Toyota Camry continues to be a favorite.
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