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The Chairman of This Wedding is Having Sex With The Lady Getting Married  

In this scenario, a young man said he knows the lady getting married and the chairman of the day, and that they are having an affair. But someone told him that he should just go and eat jollof rice at the wedding and forget about the infidelity issue. What is marriage turning into these days?

The problem in many marriages these days is not the husband but the wife. I tell you, sincerely. Sadly, some of these single ladies who are sleeping with married men for money, when they get married they still continue the adulterous act. They take it as a “normal thing”. But let the same cheating wife see the number of a strange woman on her husband’s phone…the house will be on fire that day.

Now to the social media, when people hear that a married woman is sleeping with a young guy, they will ask: “do you want to scatter her marriage? leave it or are you her husband?”…bla bla bla. But let them hear that a married man has a girlfriend, many ladies online will start shouting that the man is a “demon”.

I tell you, something is DEFINITELY not right with the kind of marriage some people are having today.

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