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The Definitive Ranking Of The 26 Hottest/Cutest/Prettiest Ladies In Westeros (Game Of Thrones)


The night is dark and full of hotties. We already knew that the dudes of “Game of Thrones” skew sexy more often than not. But after rounding up this companion list of Westerosian ladies, it looks like “Game of Thrones”, much like college, is a pretty damn fine place to be a heterosexual male.

The eligible bachelorettes of the Seven Kingdoms would be a great catch for any guy, and even the not-so-great ones are pretty good depending on your feelings about sexual sadism or incestual histories. Here’s how the women of Weseros (the characters, not the actresses who play them, mind you) stack up on a scale of one to HOT.

  1. Lysa Arryn


    Nobody likes a mean lunatic. Sorry, Lysa.

  2. Cersei Baratheon



    Pros: Loves her children, excellent cheekbones. Cons: Literally everything else.

  3. Myranda


    Despite being very pretty, Myranda’s sadistic tendencies and genuine affection for Ramsay Bolton make her really, truly icky — and considering her bizarre taste in dudes, she probably wouldn’t want you, anyway.

  4. Lady Selyse


    Mrs. Stannis Baratheon always looks like she’s sucking on lemons. (Not that we blame her, exactly.)

  5. Shae


    Hotness seriously compromised by the whole “traitorous whore” thing.

  6. Yara Greyjoy


    Not sure what’s up with Yara, but there must be a reason why the only guy we’ve seen pursue her so far is her own brother. Gross.

  7. Gilly


    Gilly is the most eligible, desired woman at Castle Black. Of course, this might be because she’s the only woman at Castle Black, period, but let’s not dwell on it.

  8. Olenna Tyrell


    She would have been at the top of this list in her youth, but let’s be real, Grandma can probably still get it with at least half the dudes in Westeros.

  9. Melisandre


    Yes, she’s pretty much out of her mind. But she’s also gorgeous, and frequently nude, so it balances.

  10. Osha


    Osha was pretty cool, albeit kind of violent and unwashed.

  11. Nymeria Sand


    A beauty best admired from a safe distance.

  12. Obara Sand



  13. Tyene Sand


    She’s the most beautiful woman in the world. The most! Beautiful! EVER! There, we said it. Please don’t stab/poison us.

  14. Meera Reed


    The mysterious sister of Jojen Reed is hard to get a read on, but she’s not evil or ugly, and she’s awesome at getting [stuff] done. Maybe she and Bran will spark a romance when he’s done becoming one with a tree.

  15. Ros


    Every warm-blooded human in Westeros is pissed at Joffrey for killing Ros.

  16. Brienne of Tarth


    Brienne isn’t just a skilled, loyal warrior, but also an Amazonian blonde with legs for days. Why are the men of Westeros not all over this? Do they have weird hangups about tall women?

  17. Missandei


    If the male population of Westeros would stop drooling over Daenerys for five minutes, they’d notice that her BFF is actually a mega-hottie. It’s too bad she’s in love with a eunuch.

  18. Ellaria Sand


    Not only is she beautiful, passionate, and wildly adventurous in the sack, but if you happen to have your skull crushed in single combat, she’ll totally avenge your death.

  19. Arya Stark


    Sure, she’s kind of a serial killer and she’s going through this morbid “Faceless Man” phase right now, but hey, we all have our moments of teenage angst. And she’s a Stark! That counts for a lot.

  20. Myrcella Baratheon


    A little bit clueless and a lot inbred, but Myrcella is a lovely little princess.

  21. Catelyn Stark


    It is not even remotely a mystery why Littlefinger was forever in love with Cat.

  22. Talisa Stark


    She would have been a perfect Queen in the North.

  23. Margaery Tyrell


    Beautiful, cunning, from a powerful family, and not incestually involved with her siblings (although if you want to screw her brother, she’s cool with it.) Except for being currently in prison, Margaery is a total catch.

  24. Ygritte


    Why did Jon Snow want to leave that cave, again? So dumb, for so many reasons.

  25. Sansa Stark


    Highborn, beautiful, savvy, and empathic, Sansa will easily move into the #1 spot as the most eligible woman in Westeros just as soon as somebody (preferably Sansa herself) chops her terrible husband into little tiny pieces.

  26. Daenerys Targaryen


    Mother of Dragons, Queen of Meereen, top of the list. AND SHE KNOWS IT.

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