The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry Presents Programs Titled: And The Enemies Submitted 2014


11081500_10153138611432381_8634984711218098493_nMinistering: Pastor Lazarus Muoka, The G.O. of The Lord’s Chosen Worldwide.

DATE: 21th -22nd JUNE


VENUE: No. 10 Amuwo Odofin Park Estate Ijesha Bus-stop Lagos Nigeria


Watch Online: visit
I can see everything turning around for your good. Don’t miss it.

Chosen is blessed.


At The Lord’s Chosen, God has deposited unquantifiable anointing upon His servant Pastor Lazarus Muoka which ensures His presence always. And this is the major reason why there is so much manifestation of the presence and power of God which causes healing, deliverance and salvation.10262093_10152415155552381_8161059996277392697_nTESTIMONIES : During “The Enemies Submitted 2012” program, great testimonies were heralded. Two months after the official announcement of the program, the whole church went into prayers. Note, it was the prayer of the church that caused heaven to release an angel that procured Peter’s release from the hands of Herod (Acts 12:1-12). So, the prayer of the servant of God and the entire church for two months could not have done any less. It caused heaven to release its power and presence. One of the highpoint of testimonies heard on the days of the program includes the testimony of a brother that was abducted and bound with chains by assassins. Thunder struck from heaven and the chains holding him bound loosed and unseen hands ferried him to safety and his enemies submitted. People rose up from their wheel chairs, strokes, paralysis were healed, the deaf heard, the dumb spoke, the blind saw and the afflicted were generally set free and all their enemies submitted.

As had always been the case anytime The Lord’s Chosen holds any program, the testimonies are continuing. Just as the three-fold visions and ten billion souls mandate have only been scratched – the servant of God insists that no matter the number of testimonies, miracles, signs and wonders that we are witnessing today, they are only a tip of the iceberg. Here comes “And the Enemies Submitted 2014” . The truth is that the God of Chosen is on the move and no sane person dares stand against a moving train or he will be crushed. The enemies have no choice but to submit. Praise the Lord!

And the enemies submitted 2012, Little Sis Omolara’s (on white gown) hunch back disappeared.

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