The Oguta Carnival – by Charly Boy


Article written by Charly Boy. Enjoy: The second edition of The Oguta Carnival, aptly tagged “The Exodus” may have come and gone but left an indelible mark on my people’s conscience. More than a few mediocre minds never thought it was possible to repeat the stunt of 2013 carnival, but thank God 2014 was even much better and bigger than the median edition. You can now start to OMG imagine what The 2015 edition will be like, God keeping us all alive.

Last year August 2013 at the residence of my Big sister, Mrs Angela Lucas. The Patriot team was born. Most worrisome where the events that lead to the formation of the Patriot group. Our once bubbly city was humbled by the reality of bad leadership, poverty, unemployment, hopelessness, gangsterism, kidnapping, killings, a town infested with cocaine, crack and any kinda drugs. Chineke God you been dey sleep? Oguta had no electricity for 4years, nobody did anything about it. Chasaa!!! The only business in town was Burials and weddings, where some people who may not have eaten for days go to hustle for food, because the poverty in AMESHI OBODOGIRIGIRI is obnoxious and sinful. Matters where compounded with the unemployment in Nigeria, our youths became restless and misdirected, all in the name of dirty politics and survival.


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