The Real Achievements of GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan Unveiled.


10922847_1044659255560903_7196604448979377277_nThe African Opinion Group Wrote: Former President Obasanjo/Atiku had 8 years but couldn’t fix power, Fashola and Tinubu had 16 years in Lagos they couldn’t fix all the roads in Lagos and couldn’t give Lagosians portable water to mention but few.

GEJ has spent 5 years + as President of over 170m people and they want him to overnight turn Nigeria into a paradise. They call him names, Clueless, Foolish, some even said he is stupid e.t.c. But…

(1) He built 150 almajiri schools. Yet Goodluck is bad.

(2) He revived railway that was in comatose for over 28yrs. Lagos- Kano route,Lagos-Southern Ogun air condition train route, Ajaokuta-Warri standard gauge route, PH-Enugu airconditioned train route, PH Maiduguri train route, Kaduna inter- city train routes,Makurdi-PH airconditioned train route, Abuja- Kaduna standard gauge route. Work on Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge route ongoing. And about to kickstart Lagos-Calabar coastal railway route. Yet Goodluck is bad.

(3) He established 12 federal universities.Yet Goodluck is bad. Massive road reconstruction across the country(25000km). Benin- Ore road, Abuja-Lokoja expressway, Enugu-Abakaliki, Onitsha- Owerri road, Kaduna-Maiduguri road, East-West road, Parts of PH- Enugu road &Lagos-Ibadan 8-lane road ongoing. Yet Goodluck is bad.

(4 ) Construction of 2nd Niger Bridge is ongoing..Yet Goodluck is bad.

( 5) He dredged River Niger..Yet Goodluck is bad.

(6) Improved power supply from 2500mw to almost 5000mw and 10 new power plants..Yet Goodluck is bad.

( 7) He revived the automobile industry with the new automobile policy spurring Nissan & Hyundai e.t.c to assemble/produce cars in Nigeria and the emergence of Indigenous automobile company the INNOSON group now producing locally made in Nigeria cars, SUVs and trucks known as the IVM motors First in the history of Nigeria, She joined the commodity of car manufacturing countries..Yet Goodluck is bad.

(8) He remodelled airports to international standard, built five new airport terminals in PH, Lagos, Kano, Abuja & Enugu. First in the history of Nigeria, the East now have an international airport..Yet Goodluck is bad.

(9 ) He signed Freedom of information(FOI) bill past leaders refused to sign..Yet Jonathan is bad.

(10) He revamped the agricultural sector. Nigeria now the largest producer of cassava in the world with 45million metric tonnes-FAO, the largest exporter of cassava chips to China and have unprecedented 60% sufficient in rice production.Yet Goodluck is bad.

(11) He gave women 35% affirmative to women participation in governance which saw the emergence of Mukhtar as the first ever female Chief Justice of Nigeria.. Yet Goodluck is bad.

(12) He was able to contain the outbreak of Ebola disease.. Yet Goodluck is bad.

(13) No more long queues at filling stations..Yet Goodluck is bad.

(14) Nigeria manufactures her first ever locally made drone.. Yet Goodluck is bad.

(15) He signed local content act. Nigeria now has 400 tankers transporting crude oil.Previously it was 60 tankers. Yet Goodluck is bad.


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