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Your dressing is somehow funny, Why are you always in brown khaki with red beret?

“Yes I wear khaki Mondays to Fridays, but on public holidays, I don’t wear it. When I am going to work I put it on, people have been asking the question especially the redcap, I have also been accused of being a member of a secret cult, but my answer to them is very simple; when there was an attempt to abort an election I wore the same regalia to mobilize Nigerians to occupy INEC office, then I was not a cult member.

When there was an attempt to scuttle the war against corruption and I wore the same red beret and even a red camouflage and mobilised and occupied the Villa then I was not a cult member. When I went to take oath of office as Minister, I appeared in the same manner, I was not a cult member, but suddenly I took over the ministry of Youths and Sports, I told people that anybody who approached me with bribe, I will invite the law to reconcile the matter then I became a cult member. I think Nigerians should understand the logic behind this things, the meaning of what am wearing, I am a human rights and social justice and anti-corruption crusader.

The dressing is taken after Che Guevara, a revolutionary who dedicated his life to the struggle of the common people, and Thomas Sankara, who also wore red cap. The philosophy of red cap is that leaders should measure their conduct with the well being of the common people than any other person.

We are moved about them, we are passionate about them, we are moved about them, so the red beret revolution is a philosophy of those who believe that the common people should be given desirable attention so that their living condition can be improved and is taken after these two men that I have mentioned. But don’t forget that even in 1778 during the first French revolution, the revolutionaries who reigned signified the blood of those who died fighting for change, the red beret is my signature for the long struggle of the change for good governance in Nigeria.”

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  • Is it that the old and elderly are no longer the wise and more experienced?
    For the past five(6) Real Madrid have made do with three(3) sporting technical and administrative Professionals and have now recruited the services of a football coaching AMATEUR.
    such is LIFE

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