The Tinubu Permutations For APC Presidential Candidate for 2015 Elections By Olabode Omojuyigbe


10520788_10152571147990678_2205143719500955864_nThe Tinubu permutations – By Olabode Omojuyigbe

If General Buhari wins and Osibajo is the Vice-President

The X:

1) General Buhari’s failing health may eventually collapse under the pressure of office

2) Osibajo as Vice-president steps in as Acting President but would not be allowed to contest the 2019 election. He is someone they can easily scare off. Tinubu muscles the Federal structure, rigs his way into being President

The Y:

The Buhari/Tinubu pact is a single term agreement for Buhari on the argument of his age. Buhari hands government over to Tinubu

Where the permutations will fail

Should Buhari’s health fail as expected and Osibajo emerges as Acting President, the Obasanjo Northern structure are to hijack government through the Senate as already Senator David Mark would not be Senate President by Tinubu’s permutations and Obasanjo’s plot. Osibajo would not be able to fight his way out, he’ll lose grip of government.

In the Obasanjo’s plot, Tinubu ends up in prison and stripped of his wealth after Obadanjo’s men hijack government. Already there’s a build up to that as we speak.

The different pieces of these permutations and plot are being put in place but there’s one thing that will stand against them

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