The Unkind Nigerian movie – Coming soon


3Nigerian movie audience is about to be enthralled with the upcoming release of the movie titled ”The Unkind”. Brilliantly written and directed by talented film maker Ekoja Michael Ijegwa,  ”The Unkind” transports the audience into the dark corners of the human mind where the clear divide of good and evil are a murky grey. 

This gripping film which brings to life four powerful personalites in a web of hate, adultery, deceit, greed and serial murder tells the story of an adopted orphan girl who is trapped in a world where her psychotic legal custodian is lord and master. 

The mix of cutting edge film making techniques with the superb talents of  award winning actors like Kalu Ikeagwu, Esther Audu, Hoomsuk Alex and upcoming actress/model Cynthia Nwarueze makes ”THE UNKIND” an instant all time favourite.


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