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Students at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein.

Students at the University

So many undergraduates, including those in their final year in school erroneously think that life on campus and life outside campus are same thing. Far from it!!! Life outside campus could just be a sharp contrast to life on campus Foresight is better than hindsight…as Book of Proverbs says in the Holy Book, ‘A wise man sees trouble on the way and hides himself but the foolish man sees it and walks into it’. The wise man will surely learn by foresight while the foolish man learns by hindsight…after he has entagled himself

Below are things life will teach you when you expire from the campus
1) Life will teach you that creating a romantic relationship with a responsible lady is no longer based on your looks or swaggz but how stable you are financially, emotionally and religiously In school, you had it easy in getting Kemi to fall over you, abi? You should even think like a grown man before you leave that Ivory Tower!

2) Life will teach you that it is good to work hard to get good grades but not putting all your hopes on degrees and being enterprising and creative is excellent!!!

3) Life will teach you that you should have the fun while it lasts but don’t waste your precious time and future banking on relationships that might not see the light of the day after campus!

4) Life will teach you that those people you and your crew were referring to as ‘dull and a nobody’ might be very intelligent without you knowing. Don’t be surprise when you see them in later years in enviable positions in their respective careers! The Ukwuani people of Delta State say, ‘Chiosa’…it means that destinies differ! Just because you are close to some corrupt lecturers and they give out marks to you doesn’t mean you should look down on everyone!!!

5) Life will teach you that your parents did a lot for you by sending you to school. If you allow heavy hips and other distractions to confuse, distract and mesmerize you, you are on your own To see a child through higher institution in Nigeria today nor be bread and Akara o! If na lie I lie, go ask your palee for house!

6) Life will teach you that you should never. compared your life with that of the female. They are and will always be ahead of you in emotional maturity! They might get married before you even think of rounding off your Youth Service Scheme!!!

7) Life will teach you that life, itself, has changed! If you feel you have been a salary earner by deceiving your parents for money back home with cooked-up stories, only to waste it on fruitless things, you will surely get the message vividly when you discover that the cash doesn’t come again. You’d need to get up and do something.

8). Life will teach you that you dated some nice girls who you would want for a wife …you just couldn’t help losing them but you did because they are always readily available to be taken far more than you
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