#Throwback Photo: SEGA Video Game Consoles



qB1YHanvCAm1aKpwxQGKYQ-SEGALogoSega is a video game developer, publisher, and hardware development company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with multiple offices around the world. The company has produced home video game consoles and handheld consoles since 1983; these systems were released from the third console generation to the sixth. Sega was formed from the merger of slot machine developer Service Games and arcade game manufacturer Rosen Enterprises in 1964, and it produced arcade games for the next two decades. After a downturn in the arcade game industry in the 1980s, the company transitioned to developing and publishing video games and consoles. Sega had long been making a good deal of their revenue from their Japanese arcades or pachinko business. 11005211_1627059817522595_68935190_nPROCEED TO SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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