‘Too fat to work’ couple to go for bootcamp after receiving backlash over their lifestyle


stdjgrkxmStephen Beer and Michelle Coombe have got a combined weight of 54 stone – will take part in a two-week residential course to help them shift he pounds. A couple who have a combined weight of 54 stone and claim £2,000 a month in benefits have checked into a boot camp following a backlash over their lifestyle. Thirty-one stone Stephen Beer, 45, and 23st wife Michelle, 43, live off benefits of £2,000 a month and paid for their £3,000 wedding day with handouts. Stephen and Michelle claim they are too big to find a job and rely on help from carers day-to-day. The couple receive Disability Living Allowance because they have metabolic disease – the medical term for a combination of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. But the backlash after their appearance on a Channel 5 documentary – including a lashing on Twitter from Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesely – has prompted the couple, of Plymouth, into taking action.


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