TOP 10 FREE MOVIE WEBSITES IN THE WORLD. Who needs to pay the $10 price tag of going to theaters when you could do it from the comfort of your very own home for free. Thanks to the Internet, millions of movies can be found online at no cost to you. Whether you are seeking old movies or ones that are still playing in theaters, here are the top 10 free movie websites in the world according to statistics from Alexa and Google.


    All free movie websites links below are click-able. – One of the most popular destinations for free movie seekers is Movie2k. This website easily has one of the widest selections of free movies on the web. You would be hard pressed to find a better site filled with both recent and classic films that you want to watch. Moreover, the site updates constantly making sure that dead streaming links are removed to ensure the user won’t waste time. – SolarMovie provides a wide variety of movies ready to be watched by the user. This site is well-maintained and has a great selection of films to watch and enjoy. – OnlineWatchMovies is practically explained by the domain name. Hundreds upon thousands of movies are at the users disposal on this site. This site notable uses less intrusive advertising than most sites, giving the user a more pleasant and easy experience. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> – While this site may only provide movies that are relatively old, it also provides the uncut versions of many old school movies. Many users enjoy this site due to its great selection of old films that are uncut. There is also an Apple and Android app for this site, making it universally accessible. – Hulu has long since been one of the first sites that provide both television shows and films on the Internet. Because Hulu is a joint venture by major television companies, it is a legit source for movies and t.v. shows. One of the downsides to Hulu is that it is only accessible to those in the United States and Japan. – While Youtube was once the place to watch home made videos, it is now the place where users can enjoy watching a variety of films and shows. Although the selection may not be as large as some other free movie websites due to the fact that Google has strict copyright rules, there are still enough shows and movies to keep users entertained for hours on end. – With a plethora of movies dating back to before the 1960′s till today, this free movie website provides will surely have the movie you have been wanting to watch for free. As an added bonus, there is also a forum where users can discuss their opinions about movies and film. – While many of these movies may not be “popular,” this site holds many movies starring your favorite actors before they hit the big time.  Not only can you find great quality streaming and downloading of movies at 1Channel, but this site also comes packed with thousands of old and new television shows. You also have the option to make an account in order to get updates on your favorite shows and can create playlists. – Yet another great site filled with the most recent films, some of which may still be in theaters. Movie25 is a great source to find almost any movie you are looking for, providing great quality links and streams to make sure you have a pleasant viewing experience.
    There you have the TOP 10 FREE MOVIE WEBSITES IN THE WORLD using stats from both Alexa and Google.
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