Top 10 highest paid Hollywood actresses


Sandra Bullock $51 million

Movies based on original ideas, as opposed to comic books or young adult novels, are rare these days in Hollywood.

Movies based on original ideas that cost $100 million to produce and feature one actress for the majority of the screen time are even rarer but director Alfonso Cuaron and Warner Bros. had a huge hit with “Gravity.”

Much of that success can be chalked up to Sandra Bullock’s gripping performance as Ryan Stone. Not only did the film win seven Oscars but it also helped Bullock become this year’s highest-paid actress.

Angelina Jolie $18 million

After taking some time out of the spotlight to undergo a preventative mastectomy, Jolie is back.

In Disney’s hit movie “Maleficent,” she managed to make Disney’s classic “Sleeping Beauty” villain sympathetic, brave and campy.

While earning one of the biggest paychecks in Hollywood, Jolie still finds time to advocate human rights.

Most recently she’s turned her activist attention to encouraging governments to investigating and prosecuting war rape.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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