TOP 10 MOST ANNOYING THINGS YOU SEE IN NOLLYWOOD MOVIES, Let’s check out the top 10 most annoying things we see in ‘our celebrated’ nollywood movies.

(1) Fetishism – This is the biggest snag of the industy. 7 out of 10 of Nigerian movies (especially Yoruba) we see today are laced with fetish or witchcraft scenes. Infact,we are made to understand that visiting a native doctor would solve a problem quicker and better than seeking medical help or that most sad occurrences have spiritual backup(s). Portraying all mothers-in-law as witches is another broad topic…but it isn’t today.

(2) Subtitles – infact, this has over the years proven to be one of the best ways to relax or ease off tension. It’s a good job Queen Elizabeth doesn’t get to read them. These writers need to understand that not all sentences, or proverbs have direct meanings. Interpret them literally and viewers will grasp. Betterstill, there are people out there competent enough to translate perfectly of only our movies producers will pay them well enough for the task. For example, someone would say, “Ti n ba kaaro nko” meaning, what’s good about the morning? Or please don’t greet me. Our writers would “upload”, “what if I don’t good morning?” What the hell is that? The ‘highway construction’ we read all the time rip our hearts. Enough o.

(3) Shooting – Why will blood not gush out of the body of a man who was shot or stabbed repeatedly. If I hear? I’m not saying it happens in most films, at least i have seen few of such movies this year. Disappointing. What’s up with tasty time or any other red-liquid. We don’t mind.

(4) Car and Passerby – In most street scenes, there’s always this fine or ugly lady waiting for a cab at the road side. And a young, handsome man who never knows his way around pulls over, asks for direction, zooms off a bit, reverses and offers to give her a lift. She turns down the offer down at first and after much persuasion, she succumbs, then they exchange numbers, the rest is history. Meanwhile, ever since i started giving directions out, no guy has offered to give me a lift, infact they just zoom off. Maybe i should try harder. SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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