Top 10 Most Common Beauty Mistakes Men Notice


beautyDo you know that 80% of men aren’t interested in Make-ups and other beauty enhancement. Sincerely, i dont even know the different between Brazilian hair and amingo weaves :D. But there are certain 10 Most Common Beauty Mistakes Men Notice. Here are ten beauty mistakes that turn men off fast. Avoid making these common mistakes with your makeup that you may think is fantastic but makes men want to run the other direction and forget about you.

1. Too much perfume
Perfume is supposed to make a man want to snuggle in closer. If he can’t get within two feet without his eyes watering, you’re using too much. Plus, men like to think your perfume is for them only; it spoils the effect when they have to share it with everyone in the room. Don’t douse yourself with the fragrance. Just because you can’t sense your fragrance doesn’t mean others can’t. Try to spritz yourself sparingly (3-4 sprays will be enough) and spritz behind each ear, on your wrists, and behind both knees.

2. Crimes against foundation
Foundation is supposed to even out your skin tone, creating a more flawless look than is usually bestowed by nature alone. If your foundation draws attention to itself, you’re using it wrong. Some of the worst offenses are using too much (the dreaded cakey look), using the wrong color, or failing to blend it at your jawline. To avoid foundation faux pas, get help choosing the right color, then blend, blend, blend.

3. Glittery eye shadow
Glittery eye shadow clings to every crease. That may be fine if you’re in your teens, but after that, it’s time to switch to matte. It doesn’t make much sense to spend money on creams to fight wrinkles only to draw attention to them with glittery eye shadow. If you decide to wear a smokey eye, avoid using glittery eye shadow and make sure you don’t use too much eye shadow, mascara and liner, or your man will definitely notice this beauty mistake.

4. Mascara clumps
Men think long lashes are s*xy, but long lashes gummed up with clumps of mascara are another matter. So are black smudges under your eyes where your mascara has rubbed off on your skin. Apply mascara sparingly, and use the brush to get rid of any clumps. Experiment with different formulas to find one that doesn’t rub off on your skin. If your your mascara smudges during the day, opt for a waterproof version. It won’t run or smudge even if your eye area gets oily.

5. Sloppy shaving
While some feminists may rail against a culture that expects women to shave, the truth is that no man wants to reach over and caress a prickly leg…or see fuzzy armpits. There’s no point in spending time on makeup and hair if your legs scream, “Keep away!” Like it or not, men prefer smooth legs. This is one of the most common mistakes men notice even if it’s a first date.

6. Dry Skin
Dry skin is almost as bad as prickly skin; it’s not touchable. Scaly elbows and cracked heels just aren’t inviting. Make moisturizer part of your everyday beauty routine, no matter what. And you shouldn’t do it only for men, you should do it for yourself first. You need to care for your skin daily to look younger longer. If you have a super dry skin, opt for a coconut or olive oil, and use homemade masks regularly. Dry skin is never fun, so make sure you care for it properly.


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