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Top 5 Nokia smartphones 2016: 4GB RAM, 38MP Pureview Camera

Nokia Smartphones, are definitely the highest quality mobiles, usually with very affordable prices. As Nokia Comeback 2016 is coming close, lets take a look at the 5 Best Nokia Smartphones of 2016…


1. Nokia C9 – Winner of Design!

Nokia C9 is one of the most realistic Nokia smartphones we got to know so far. The handset falls into budget category, with an expected Nokia C9 price tag of around USD 170 – 220 (which is equivalent to PHP 8K – 10,5K and Rs 11,5K – 15K). In terms of Nokia C9 specs, seems like the phone sports a handy 5.0 inch FHD display, 2GB RAM, Nokia 16MP Pureview and special long-lasting 4,000 mAH battery by Nokia technology. Similar to the Nokia E1, the Nokia C9 will run on the newest Android Version.

Nokia C9 Specs

Device Nokia C9
Display 5” or smaller
Rear camera 16MP with Pureview sensor
Front camera to be updated, at least 5MP
Processor to be updated
Storage to be updated
OS Android OS, allegedly 6.0 version
Battery 4,000 mAH or bigger
Connectivity Allegedly 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Hotspot
PRICE USD 170 – USD 220
Colors Classic Black and White



2. Nokia 1008

Nokia 1008, aka Nokia Catwalk is an exciting smartphone render that makes sure to impress you with its features. The phone has a unique design with a twisting camera module that is 38MP Pureview and can take both landscape and selfie shots with the highest resolution imagined. Besides that, Nokia 1008 runs on WP8 OS and will have a decent 2GB RAM together with 32GB internal storage. More amazingly, the phone is equipped with dual LED flashes, one of which is used as light notification LED.

nokia 1008

3. Nokia N2

Nokia N2 smartphone was introduced to us in late December by Designer David Quijada. This Nokia N2 has all the potential it takes to become the rebirth of Nokia in the smartphone market. In terms of Nokia N2 specs, we have a huge 6-inch display, Snapdragon 810 CPU, and beautiful FHD resolution. Nokia N2 cameras will be what we all love: 21MP Pureview sensor on the back and 8MP selfie shooter on the front. Both come with LED flashes for better shots under low light conditions.


4. Nokia C1

Nokia C1 is one of the first smartphones to be rumored ever since we heard about Nokia’s plan to come back to the smartphone market. After many rounds of updates, the lastest information we got was that, Nokia C1 will be featuring both Windows and Android OS. What leaves us curious is whether this means we will see 2 different versions or the phone itself can be switchable between the two. Nokia C1 specs as of now, include a 5.5-inch Full HD display, powerful 4GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and a 64-bit MediaTek CPU. As for the camera, it is expected to boast a 20MP Pureview cam combined with an up to 8MP selfie shooter.




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