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See Top (5) Reasons While “Jenifa’s Diary” is the “Best Trending Nigeria TV series” At The moment

maxresdefault The comedy series is unarguably the best thing on Nigerian TV right now and here have 5 arguments to prove this.

1. Almost everyone who has access to a television or computer watches Jenifa’s Diary. Just go to YouTube and see the number of views the 1 minute trailers have. The show’s viewership cuts across every social, cultural and religious status.

2. The show is addictive. It’s fascinating how viewers have somehow imbibed the mannerisms of the lead character, Jenifa herself. Her crazy accent grows on you just by watching few episodes.

3. Can you tell us another TV drama that is packed with as many stars as Jenifa’s Diary? There isn’t, at least none that we know of. Jenifa’s Diary is star-studded in the very sense of the word. We’ve seen appearances from many of our favourite Nigerian artistes, from Falz the Bahd Guy to Tiwa Savage. We bet, there’s more to come.Jenifa-41

4. We love how Funke Akindele Bello has used the show to merge Yoruba Nollywood and English Nollywood. She started out her acting career in the popular developmental TV show in the late 90s, ‘I Need to Know’ but crossed over to Yoruba movies.

Now, Funke Akindele is a boss on both sides and Jenifa’s Diary just seems like a way of showing loyalty to the two Nollywood divisions and unifying them in the process.

5. Jenifa’s Diary is effortlessly hilarious. The cast were carefully chosen to achieve this aim and Funke Akindele who plays Jenifa is the icing on the cake. The show is nothing short of undiluted comedy and fans just can’t get enough. How do we know? Get on your Twitter timeline and see what people are saying about it.

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