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Top Best Seven (7) South African Soap Actors & Actress Everyone Must Know

Below are the characters we can not do without on some of our favorite local South African soapies:

Ranthumeng – Muvhango

Brian Themba plays Ranthumeng on Muvhango.

Brian Themba plays Ranthumeng on Muvhango.

Besides the fact that his is one of the most annoying characters on Muvhango, Ranthumeng’s character has absolutely no direction and to be quite frank, we would all be OK with never seeing him again.

All he does really is go to the office, pretend to be closing deals, go home and try to stop some sort of fight taking place in Thandaza’s house. He hurts her feelings most of the time. Unless there’s a storyline coming up that we don’t know about, goodbye Ranthumeng.

MaNkosi – Muvhango

Cynthia Shange plays MaNkosi on Muvhango.

Cynthia Shange plays MaNkosi on Muvhango.

For many years, Thandaza’s mum has never really had a storyline of her own. She’s basically there to panic and cry on Thandaza’s behalf and give her terrible advice. If she wasn’t on the show for two months, we probably wouldn’t even notice – that’s enough of a sign that she needs to go.

Xolelwa – Generations: The Legacy 

Xolelwa on Generations: The Legacy

Xolelwa on Generations: The Legacy.

So Xolelwa had a bit of a role when she first got onto Generations: The Legacy, she was a young criminal who was poisoning poor Lesedi’s mind. Fast forward a few months and she now works for one of SA’s leading ad agencies and is friends with the highest-fliers of the city – yes, careers and social standings can go from 0-100 in no time on this soapie.

Now that she’s a bit of a high-flier herself, her character really adds nothing to the soapie. She’s just there to annoy viewers with her theatrical self. Si shap ngawe sisi.

Vuyo – Generations: The Legacy 

Nkululeko Tshirumbula plays Vuyo on Generations.

Nkululeko Tshirumbula plays Vuyo on Generations.

Vuyo only joined Generations: The Legacy a few months ago and has pretty much been doing the same thing since he arrived – and that’s being angry. He was supposed to come on the show and be this artist who’s trying to make it without his dad’s money and as much as that is coming through, it has been executed terribly. If he’s not screaming at his dad, he’s screaming at his brother, or he’s screaming at his boss at the restaurant he works at.

His character is one-dimensional and has not evolved at all. We can do without him. Please.

Dhlomo – Uzalo

Don Mlangeni plays Dhlomo on Uzalo.

Don Mlangeni plays Dhlomo on Uzalo.

Uzalo is a brilliant telenovela with an intriguing storyline and a diverse group of characters. While most of the characters have evolved and have added great dimensions to the show, Dhlomo’s has not. His sole role is to one day catch out the mastermind criminal Gxabashe – nothing else.

Now that it’s been announced that Gxabashe will not be part of the second season of Uzalo, what will become of Dhlomo? We can really do without him.

Shadrack  – Isibaya

Samson Khumalo plays Shamrock on Isibaya.

Samson Khumalo plays Shadrack on Isibaya.

Shadrack’s character was only exciting when he got the new girlfriend, but that’s become quite old now. He’s basically living under the shadow of the Zungus and all he ever does is solve taxi drivers’ issues. He’s the voice of reason for them – all day, everyday. We really don’t need him there anymore.

Nkabinde – Isibaya

Nkabinde on Isibaya.

Nkabinde on Isibaya.

If you don’t believe in witchcraft and magic, you’ll find Nkabinde’s character to be a bit too far-fetched and Isibaya is definitely not a sci-fi soapie. Sometimes he’ll disappear and reappear, and at other times he’ll turn himself into another person – it just doesn’t make sense most of the time.

Also, his character is really stagnant. It’s the same thing over and over again. His next move needs to be to disappear from the soapie.



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