Top Ten most visited Nigerian websites


imagesAny company or organisation that does not have a website or, at the very least some level of online presence, in today’s highly-connected world has virtually no chance of making it on a global scale.Web information company Alexa provides global web metrics and allows visitors to search for competitive website analysis, benchmarking, market research and trending topics.

Using Alexa’s analytics,we reviewed the most visited websites in Nigeria. Webpages such as Facebook, Yahoo and YouTube would inevitably appear in a list of this nature, but we purposefully set out to investigage which Nigerian-specific websites were the most visited in the country – websites that make use of .ng (dot ng) or that have local content.


To no surprise, the most visited Nigerian website is the country’s localised version of the hugely popular Google search engine. Google has made a point of rolling out localised websites for almost all countries where they have a presence, as it provides users with local information first before displaying international results. According to Alexa, the website is also the second most visited site in Nigeria, just after parent website On a global scale, the Nigerian version ranks 233 and according to Alexa, “the rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and pageviews on this site over the past 3 months.” 96.3% of the site’s visitors are from Nigeria, while 0.6% reside in India. SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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