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Very Touching Story!!! “Poor American Mother Who Stole Eggs From The Supermarket”: Read below:

13082489_10154099995604076_3945881312568865164_n Her name is Helene, she was reported that she stole eggs from a supermarket. This Policeman was sent to arrest her, when he got there, he asked her; “What did you steal?” She answered; “Only five eggs to feed my children.”

The Policeman took her to the same supermarket that reported her, paid for the 5 eggs and bought her some food and other items, he even helped her to take them home.

Sometimes we shouldn’t apply the law, what we need to do most times is to apply the humanity. It will be wonderful if our activities in our churches can correlate with our activities in the street. It will be awesome if our activities in our mosques can be the same as what we do in the outside world.

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